EU and its allies

EU and its allies launch a diplomatic offense after attack on Syria

Washington's strategy seeks to weaken the support of Russia and to corner Asad's regime even more by using chemical weapon. 

After the military hit, the diplomat arrives. The United States and its allies have proposed to launch an offense this week in the international organization for cornering Syria and its sponsor, Russia. In the arranged move, Washington, London and Paris want to strengthen the conversations of depressing process of Geneva, broaden sanctions and open an invesstigation of big scale about the use and storage of chemical weapons by Asad regime. The Council of Security of UN, Brussels and the Arab League are the enclaves from which they will try to activate this new front.

The allies know very little of victory. The surgical attack launched on Saturday on Syrian people in reprisal for the use of chemical weapons in Duma has given new vigor to an exhausted road. In the last months, Russia has done thoroughly to protect its Syrian protege. It has prevented the renovation of mechanism created by UN to investigate the use of gas by the Asad regime three times. Russia offers an alternative, which is to conduct an investigation by an independent organization. The problem, according to western diplomats source, is that the Russian proposal merely requires the investigation to be concluded once they know if Syria used chemical weapons or not, and prevents establishing whose responsibility the attack was. (Which is obviously Syria). Just the elment that Western leaders want to clarify. 

For United States, it is beyond doubt that it is Syria's responsibility. In the documents distributed by White House during the operation on Saturday, they establish that the Asad regime has launched chemical weapon 30 times against civil population in last year. The last attack was precisely on April 7, on the local rebels in Duma, just outside Damascus. In this attack, which has triggered the allies' military intervention, the troops of Asad regime used "chlorine gas and other nerve agents"presumably sarin, according to Washington.This resulted in at least 40 people dead and hundreds of wounded.

The United States say they counted with information from the intelligence, stories provided by victims and doctors, as well as photos they showed. In the Northamerican media, in addition, it has leaked that the Pentagon has blood samples of the affected that reveals the use of prohibited agents. 

Under these circumstances, White House now wants to give another step in its strategy. One of the chosen forums is the Council of Security of United Nations. There they will disuss this Monday a proposal of the allies for Syria to eliminate their chemical weapons, a promise that Syria and Russia carried out in 2013 when Uninated Nations was planning an attack 



Lanzar -to throw, to launch
Buscar -to seek to, to look for
Debilitar -to weaken
Arrinconar a -to leave out in the cold, to corner
Fortalecer -to strengthen
Ampliar -to increase, to strengthen, to enlarge
Concertar -to set up, to arrange
Pretender -to intend
Bloquear -to block, to obstruct
Exigir -to require
Aclare -to clarify
Filtrar -to leak 
Disponer -to have
Efectuarse -to carry out
Planear -to plan
Desplazar -to displace
Afianzar -to consolidate
Doblegar -to vanquish
Regresar -to return


Apoyo -support
Golpe -hit, bombing, 
Padrino -sponsor
Almacenamiento -storage
Brío -vigor
Fuente -source
Detonante -trigger
Heridos -wounded ppl
Muestra -sample
Castigo -punishment
Éxito -success
Salida -exit

Paso -step


Alicaído -depressing
Agotado -exhausted


Tras -after
Así como -as well as

Seis meses para impedir el Brexit

7 months to prevent the Brexit


If the supporters of Brexit have their own way, on 30th of March of next year we will wake up in Great Britain that is no longer a member of the European union. The supporters of staying in EU only have seven months to avoid it. Because if, in its "significant voting" of this fall, the British parliament accepts the interim agreement that has been reached by the negotiators, there will be no going back.

The Brexit side knows this and has a strategy of Leninist clarity: do whatever takes to get to the point. Even the previous leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, has joined this line. The end justifies the means. No matter the concessions you have to make or unshakeable red lines you have to cross, it is about the country passing through the exit door. Then you will see.

The adversaries of Brexit, on the contrary, have 10 different strategies, that is to say, none. if we dont get ourselves straight, we will be defeated in the middle of a fog of confusion and deceit.

This defeat was probably like this: in one way or another, the negotiators from the UK and EU will find a formula this fall. Some differences apparently insolvable, such as the relations with the Irish border, are softened by a mixture of concessions, complexity, and verbal ambiguity.  

Our European partners will approve this, at last, early hours of the morning, in an European council which is scheduled on 18 and 19 of October, because one, it fits perfectly in the culture of European agreements, two, because they want to remove this matter as soon as possible in order to concentrate on all the other problems and three, because they know that once Britain is legally outside the union, its negotiating capacity will be even weaker than it is today. 

The government of Theresa May, with its internal divisions, accepts this botched agreement because its work consists on "realizing the Brexit" and because it knows that the Conservative party could lose votes if they dont do it. The majority of the conservative deputies vote in favor because they fear they will be overtaken by the labor party led by Jeremy Breznev. 




  • Impedir -to prevent
  • Evitar -to avoid
  • Culminar -to culminate, to finish
  • Alcanzar -to reach
  • Aclarar -to clarify, to make clear (aclararse:to get oneself straight)
    Si no nos aclaramos, caeremos derrotados en medio de una niebla de confusión y engaño.
  • Sumar -to add, to join
    Hasta el antiguo líder de UKIP, Nigel Farage, se ha sumado a ese línea.
  • Derrotar -to defeat
  • Suavizar -to soften
  • Aprobar -to approve


  • Inquebrantable -unshakeable
    Mis abuelos tenían una fe inquebrantable.
  • Débil -weak


  • Engaño -deceit, trick
    La empresa reccurió al engaño para justificar el despido de empleados.
  • Frontera -border
  • Mezcla -mixture


  • Salirse con la suya -to have his/her own way
    Pedro es muy insistente y siempre se las arregla para salirse con la suya.
  • Todo lo que -everything that
    Hacer todo lo que sea necesario para llegar a ese punto.
  • No importa -no matter
    No importa cuántas veces repase el guión, siempre me olvido de mis líneas.
  • De una forma u otra -in one way or another

Hungría y porqué la gente votaron por Orbán

"Hungary is a small country. It does not fit the whole world".

The voters of Fidesz argue the stability and the economy. They are the supporters of nationalistic speech and against immigration, provided by Orban.

Reka Pleva has voted without a single doubt. She has voted for the party of Viktor Orban, a man who, according to her, has gotten rid of the crisis and guaranteed everyone's security. "We are much better than eight years ago and he has to continue going like this, stable",  an engineer of 45 years old stated. He explained that for his family, the policies of Orban and his Fidesz for the country have made a difference. His sister, unemployed, now works in maintenance thanks to the program of public employment of the administration. She has received about 170 euros per month for this job. Like her, more than 200,000 hungarians became part of this project (close to 4% of the labor force of Hungary).

For Pleva, mother of two daughters, what ended up convincing her was above all these measures. For her husband, Richard, it has been all about "defense of Hungary". "Hungary is almost the only country that does not allow the European Union to impose upon them what our country has to do", he said. This civil servant considers, like Orban and the government, that the immigration poses a threat to the country. "We are a small country, we cannot fit everyone in the world here, and we are talking about people who do not integrate", he said. In Hungary, only 1.5% of the population is foreign, and the majority of them come from EU. The pair participated in the referendum against refugees which the government of Fidesz organized in October of 2016. They voted against accepting refugees. The results did not achieve the minimum participation for it to be considered binding, but nevertheless Orban considered it to be an achievement and an accolade to his radical positions. Rea and Richard recognized that sooner or later Hungary needs to, as other European nations, foreign workers. "But they can come from Ukraine or from countries which have similar values as ours", he said. 

Tibor Biro, 74 years old, especially likes the character of the prime minister. "He talks without subterfuge", commented in the electoral college of the old centre of Budapest where he has voted, a couple of streets away from the house where he has lived all his life. He has voted for Fidesz for years. He is one of the two million loyal voters which the ultraconservative party has. Most of them live in areas that are more rural, where his economic measures and antiimigration speech have much more effect. Budapest, although less cosmopolitan than other European capitals, is more accustomed to foreigners and, above all, tourists. Orban has less support. Biro commented that he specially likes the idea of Fidesz, which is "Great Hungary". "We want a strong Hungary. He has protected many Hungarians who live abroad, for example", referring to the minorities who live in Romania and other places of the region and have received the right to vote thanks to the reforms realized by Orban. The ultraconservative has their votes as well.

On Wednesday, in Miskolc, where the previous elections Fidesz was imposed in a working area that had been left-wing for years, Timi confessed that he has returned to vote for the nationalistic candidate. Civil servant, divorced and mother of a 6 year old daughter, explained that for her stability is the most important. "To regional levels, maybe there are interesting cases, but the truth is that on a global level there is no other party than Fidesz. The rest are nothing", she said, observing her daughter happily riding a pink bicycle.

Alexandra, though in Budapest, emphasized that she had voted for Orban for stability. A young man of 25 years old, who prefers to remain anonymous, commented that supporting the prime minister had costed him a disgust among his group of friends, who prefer to vote for the socialists. "In my family we like things to remain as they are," he elaborated. 




Caber -to fit
Tiene un auto chiquito, sólo pueden caber dos personas.
Dudar -to doubt
Tienes que dudar antes de convertirte en creyente de verdad

Sacar -to remove, to take out
Ayudarme a sacar el mandado de la cajuela.

convencer -to convince
Estoy tratando de convencer a mi madre que me deje ir al concierto.
suponer -to suppose
Se supone que solo el capitán del equipo puede hablar con el árbitro.
asegurar -to assure
Ser democrático no parece importante para asegurar el éxito económico.
proceder -to come from
Nuestro abogado revisará el contrato antes de proceder.
lograr -to reach
Tienes que trabajar fuerte para lograr tus sueños.
reconocer -to recognize
Todo el mundo puede reconocer el sello de McDonald's.
remarcar -to emphasize
Quiero remarcar que la producción de este tipo de informe es un proceso complejo.

Partidario -supporter
Israel no quiere un mediador imparcial, sino un partidario incondicional. 
mantenimiento -maintenance
Estoy a cargo del servicio de mantenimiento.
fuerza -force
La fuerza de su argumento convenció a su jefe a darle un aumento de salario.
medida -measure
Cuando leen una nueva medida contra la pobreza, nuestros pobres esconden sus monederos. 
funcionario -civil servant
Si bien la corrupción es penetrante, ningún alto funcionario has ido precesado. 
amenaza -threat
El cambio climático plantea una amenaza seria paa las naciones insulares.
acogida -welcome, acceptance, reception
La enmiendas no han recibido una buena acogida en grandes sectores del Parlamento.
asilado -refugee
Los extranjeros en condición de asilado o refugiado están sujetos a los deberes impuestos por los tradados o convenios internacionales. 
logro -achievement
Ser aceptado por esa universidad fue un gran logro para mí.
espaldarazo -recognition
postura -position
Hizo su postura muy clara al comienzo del debate.

valore -value
Promover una sociedad que valore la iniciativa empresarial.
nivel -level
La recesion trajo un alto nivel de desempleo.


vinculante -binding

Es el ACTA un acuerdo vinculante o voluntario?

fieles -faithful, loyal
Fueron fieles hasta el final y murieron por ello.


Así -like this
Mi computadora tiene un virus, así que la tengo que reformatear. 
A pesar de todo -nevertheless
A pesar de todo, la industria es el eje de la economia europea.
sobre todo -above all
Todos podemos constatar el creciente interés en la region, sobre todo en esta asamblea. 
quizá -perhaps
Quiza podamos ir a la playa este fin de semana.


I am going to list things I really want, but do not have the money to buy.

1. MARIO BADESCU Drying Lotion


2. ANDI BAGUS swimsuit




4. 白潤美白クリーム


5. B-GLEN 

After I am done with ACSEINE I would like to try B-Glen



América, armada.


America, armed.

Estados Unidos concentra casi la mitad de las armas civiles del mundo. El miercoles un chico de 19 anos fue a su antiguo instituto y asesino a 17 personas. Fue la enesima matanza. Propietarios explican a EL PAIS por que quieren seguir llevando sus rifles y pistolas.

The United States has almost a half of civil arms of the world. On Wednesday, a 19 years old boy went to his former school and assassinated 17 people. It was a umpteenth killing. Owners explain to el Pais why they want to continue carrying rifles and pistols.

Scott Porter tuvo su primera escopeta a los 13 años. Era del calibre 20, como la su hermano, Ross, su madre se la regaló por Navidad y con ella aprendió cazar en su pueblo de Michigan. La segunda llegó a los 18, calibre 22. Luego, cinco escopetas más. Con el paso del tiempo, 14 pistolas de distintos tipos. Y también cuatro- rifles de asalto, seis de caza, cuatro de aire comprimido, dos de pólvora negra y dos fusiles vintage militar que guarda con especial mimo. Es el arsenal que creó con Ross, fallecido hace dos años, lo guarda en su casa de Luisiana y suma hasta 42 armas. Entre ellas sigue la de aquella Nochebuena. Y cuando se le pregunta por qué rayos tiene tantas responde con simpleza: "solo es que me gustan, me encantan las armas, siempre he sido cazador". 

Scott Porter got his first shotgun a 13 years old. It was a calibre 20, like his brother, Ross, which his mother gave to him for Christmas and with her he learned to hunt in his city of Michigan. The second he got at 18 years old, calibre 22. Then, 5 more shotguns. As the time passed, 14 pistols of different types. And also 4 assault rifles, 6 for hunting, 4 of compressed air, two of black gunpowder and two vintage guns which he takes care of with special care. it is the arsenal who thought with Ross, who passed away two years ago, he guaded it in his house in Louisiana and added up to 42 armas. When he is asked why the hell he has so many guns, he responded simply: " it is just that i like them, i love guns, i have always hunted."

On wednesday a 19 years old problematic boy named Nikolas Cruz appeared at his old school in Florida with his rifle, fired more than 100 shots and took the life of 17 people, most of which were adolescents without a motive. Every time a killing occurs, Porter boils his blood because the debate about guns reappears, the question of how it is possible for US to not enforce gun control after so many tragedies. "I am very upset because the whole world believes that the blame is with guns, when the real blame should be put on those crazy people", lamented on the telephone. Porter is 57 years old, works as a technician and lives with his partner in Baton Rouge. "A lot of people say that I am a lunatic of guns since I have so many, but I have so many because they accumulated over the years."

The United States takes up less than 5% of the world's population, but possesses more than 40% of guns that are used among civilians on the planet. Without an official figure, we calculate that some 350 millions, more than the habitants of the country. According to Pew Research, three out of ten adults have at least one gun and other three are considering getting a gun in the future. 

There are many who thought that Sandy Hook was the tipping point of a love story between America and guns. Sandy Hook is a primary school in Newton, Connecticut where a young man named Adam Lanza entered and killed 20 children aged between 6 to 7, and 6 adults on 14th of December in 2012. The astonishment was widespread. Barack Obama cried in public. However, the sales of rifles and pistols multiplied during the months after the incident, for fear that, in effect, the tragedy would motivate the legislators to impose more restrictions. It didnt happen. The demands of the important part of society -six out of ten americans believe that rules should be stricter  - are slowed down in Congress.




cada vez que: every time
plantear: to suggest; to consider
ventas: sales
por miedo a que: for fear that 

Turquía propone a EE UU un despliegue conjunto en Siria para apartar a las milicias kurdas

Turquía propone a EE UU un despliegue conjunto en Siria para apartar a las milicias kurdas

Turkey proposes to United States a joint deployment in Syria in order to remove Kurdish militias.

Erdogan y Tillerson pactan crear un mecanismo para coordinarse y normalizar sus relaciones.

Erdogan and Tillerson agreed to create a mechanism for coordinating and normalizing their relationships.

 "Nuestras relaciones pasan por un moment crítico." Las parablas del ministro de Exteriores turco, Mevlut, frente a su homólogo estadounidense, Rex Tillerson, no hicieron este viernes sino confirmar lo obvio: ambos países, antaño firmes aliados, caminan hoy hacia la confrotación. Y de ahí la visita del jefe de diplomacia de EE UU a Ankara, adonde llegó en la tarde de jueves para entrevistarse con el presidente Recep Tayyip Erdogan, con quien estuvo reunido durante más de tres horas y con la única compañía de Cavusoglu, que hizo las veces de traductor. Ankara propuso un despliegue conjunto en el norte de Siria para apartar de la ciudad de Manbij a las milicias kurdas, cosas que Tillerson prometió estudiar.

"Our relationships go through a critical moment." The words of Turkish minister of foreign affairs, Mevlut, in front of his American counterpart, Rex Tillerson, did not make this Friday without confirming the obvious: both countries, once strong allies, walk towards confrontation today. And there the visit of the head of the American diplomacy to Ankara, to where he arrived at noon on Thursday for conference with the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with who he was reunited more than three hours and with the only company of Cavusoglu, who has translated for him several times.
Ankara proposed a jointed deployment in the north of Syria in order to remove the kurdish militias in the Manbij city, which is something Tillerson promised to study.

Actualmente, el principal escollo en la relación es Siria, un país en el que ambos países comenzaron a intervenir con un mismo objectivo-derrocar al regimen de Assad -pero en el que han terminado aliándose con fuerzas enfrentadas. El apoyo de EEUU a las Unidades de Protección Popular Kurdas, "necesario para derrotar al ISIS", según Tillerson, le ha enemistado con Turquía, que las considera terroristas por sus lazos con el grupo armado kurdo PKK y las combate militarmente en el cantón de Afrin. Erdogan había advertido de que, después, de Afrin, el siguiente objectivo del Ejército turco sería Manbij, 90 kilómetros al este y en la orilla occidental del río Éufrates.

Currently, the principal obstacle in the relation is Syria, a country where both countries began intervening with the same objective -to overthrow the regime of Bachar al Asad- but in which they have ended alliance with opposing forces. The support of US for YPG (Union of kurdish popular protection), "needed in order to defeat ISIS", according to Tillerson, who is at odds with Turkey, who considers YPG to be terrorists for their ties with Kurdish military group PKK and military combat in the canton of Afrin (far north eastern of syria). Erdogan had warned after Afrin, the next objective of Turkish army was Manbij, 90 kilometers east and at the western shore of Euphrates river. 

Pero en dicha ciudad está desplegado parte del contingente de más de 2000 soldados que Washington mantiene en Siria, por lo que un ataque turco podría suponer un enfrentamiento directo entre dos países que son miembros de la OTAN. De ahí que la diplomacia turca se sacase de la manga la propuesta de un despliegue conjunto turco-estadounidense en Manbij a cambio de que las YPG se retiren al este del Eufrates. "Comenzaremos por Manbij. Quién administre estas provincias y quien provea seguridad es importante para alcanzar estabilidad. podemos dar pasos en este asunto junto a EEUU una vez los militantes del YPG abandonen Manbij", dijo cavusolgu. Tillerson respondió de forma más positiva de lo que hasta ahora se habían mostrado las autoridades civiles y militares estadounidenses: "en nuestro esfuerzo de colaboración vamos a dar prioridad a Manbij. Es una ciudad estratégica.". El secretario de Estado aseguró que lo primordial para su gobierno es que la ciudad quede bajo control de fuerzas aliadas.

But in the city part of the army has more than 2000 soliders which Washington holds in Syria is deployed, and by that the Turkish attack could be a direct confrontation between two countries who are members of NATO. This is why the turkish diplomacy took the proposal of a joint Turkish-American deployment in Manbij in exchange for YGI to retire in the east of Euphrates. "We will start from Manbij. Who manages these provinces and who provides security is important for achieving stability. We can give steps to the US in this mutual issue once the militants of YPG abandon Manbij", said Cavusoglu. Tillerson responded in a more positive way than the American civilians and military authorities had shown. "In our effort of collaboration we are going to give priority to Manbij. It is a strategical city". The state secretary assured that what is fundamental for its government is that the city stays under control of the allied forces.

Cavusoglu recordó que en 2016, la anterior Adminstración estadounidense ya había prometido a Turquía que las YPG se retirarían al este del Eufrates una vez liberada Manbij del dominio del ISIS, y, sin embargo, no cumplieron su promesa. Los milicianos kurdos simplemente pasaron a integrarse en el Consejo Militar de Manbij, que dirige la ciudad y está compuesto por fuerzas locales, pero en la práctica es dirigido por las YPG. Según una fuente humanitaria con contactos en la zona y consultada por este periodista, las tribus arabes de manbij se han quejado varias veces de este dominio kurdo en una area de mayoria arabe.

Cavusoglu recalled that in 2016, the previous administration of US had already promised to Turkey that the YPG would retire to the east of Euphrates once Turkey frees Manbij from the control of ISIS, and nevertheless, they have not fulfilled the promise. The kurdish militants simply went on to join the military council of manbij, which controls the city and is composed of local forces, though in reality it is controlled by the YPG. According to a humanitarian source with contacts with the area and consulted with the journalist, the arabic tribes of manbij have complained various times about kurdish taking control of an area in which the majority is arabic.

Los dos dirigentes, además, anunciaron la creación de un mecanismo de coordinación que sirva para evitar discrepancias entre ambos países y que comenzará a reunirse a partir del próximo mes. "Ya no actuaremos cada uno por su cuenta, EEUU haciendo una cosa y Turquía la contraria. Trabajaremos conjuntamente, tenemos buenos mecanismos para ello y hay mucho trabajo por hacer", aseguró Tillerson, para quien la relación con Turquía "es demasiado importante" como para ponerla en riesgo.

The two rulers, in addition, announced the creation of a mechanism of coordination that serves for avoiding discrepancies between both countries and that it will start to meet from next month. "we will no longer act on our own, US doing one thing Turkey doing the opposite. We will work together, we have good mechanism and there is much work to be done", assured Tillerson, for whom the relation with Turkey is "too important" as to put it in risk.

El ministro turco, por su parte, incidió en la necesidad de "normalizar" relaciones entre ambos países, si bien no escondió que siguen existiendo puntos de fricción. Por ejemplo, reiteró la necesidad de que el predicador turco Fethullah Gülen, al que Ankara acusa de encabezar el fallido golpe de estado de julio de 2016, sea extraditado por EEUU desde su refugio en Pensilvania, a lo que Tillerson respondió que la Justicia estadounidense tendrá la última palabra. El norteamericano, a su vez, mostró su preocupación por sus conciudadanos detenidos en Turquía, como el pastor protestante Andrew Brunson y el científico de la NASA Serkan Golge, ambos acusados de formar parte de la trama gulenista y el último recientemente condenado a siete años y medio de prisión por ello. Diversos analistas han acusado a Turquía de mantener a estas personas detenidas como moneda de cambio para conseguir la entrega de Gulen, pero Cavusoglu subrayó que la Justicia en Turquía trabaja de forma independiente.

The Turkish minister, for his part, stressed the necessity to normalize relationships between both countries, although he did not hide the existing friction points. For example, he reiterated the necessity for the Turkish preacher Gulen, who Ankara accuses of leading a failed coup detat in july of 2016, to be extradited by US from his refuge in Pensilvania, to which Tillerson responded that the american justice will have the last word. The Northamerican, in turn, showed his concern for his detained fellow citizen in Turkey, such as a protestant pastor Andrew Brunson and NASA scientist Serkan Golge, who were both accused of taking part in Gulen's conspiracy and most recently were sentenced six and a half years in prison. Various analysts have accused Turkey of holding these detained people as a currency of exchange for the delivery of Gulen, but Cavusoglu stressed that justice in Turkey works independently.


EEUU y Turquía han tenido una relación tensa siguiente fallido golpe de estado en 2016, cuando el presidente Erdogan exigió la extradición de Gulen y EEUU la rechazo y critico su infracción de derechos como Turquía arrestó muchas personas que tenían conexión con Gulen. Sin embargo, ambos países trabajaron juntos a derrotar ISIS y el régimen de Asad. Pero era muy complicado porque EEUU necesitó el apoyo de ejército kurdo, que Turquía está tratando de destruir. Ahora ambos países están tratando a arreglar la relación y trabajar hacia un objectivo común. Si bien ISIS está casi borrada gracias a coordinación de ambos países, todavía hay problemas de pueblo kurdo, quien no tienen su propia país. Es un asunto con el que Turquía y los países vecinos tienen que tratar durante siglos por venir. 



proponer: to propose
apartar: to remove
crear: to create
prometer: to promise
derrocar: to overthrow
derrotar: to defeat
advertir: to warn; to advertise
mantener: to hold
administrar: to manage
dirigir: to manage, to run
proveer: to provide
alcanzar: to achieve
asegurar: to assure
cumplir: to achieve, to fulfill; to do one's duty, to feel obliged
componer: to compose
quejar: to complain
evitar: to avoid
incidir: to have an impact, to influence; to stress
subrayar: to underline, to stress
esconder: to hide
conseguir: to get 


despliegue: deployment
escollo: obstacle
apoyo: support
lazos: ties
soldado: soldier
esfuerzo: effort
consejo: council
riesgo: risk


conjunto: joint
ambo: both
única: only
primordial: fundamental
demasiado: too
propia: own


actualmente: at the moment, currently, presently ; nowadays
recientemente: recently


de ahí que: that's why
por lo que: so
a cambio de: in exchange for
una vez: once
sin embargo: however
si bien: although



tiro masivo en florida otra vez

Al menos 17 muertos en un tiroteo en un instituto de Florida

At least 17 dead in a shooting in an institute of Florida

El tirador, un exalumno expulsado por indisciplina, solitario y obsesionado con las armas, lanzó bombas de humo, disparó con un fusil de asalto y fue detenido fuera de la escuela.

The shooter, a former student expelled for indiscipline, solitary and obsessed with arms, threw smoke bombs, shot with an assault rifle and was arrested outside of the school.

Estados Unidos ha vivido este miércoles 14 de febrero, día de San Valentín, la última pesadilla de su imparable cadena de masacres con armas de fuego. 

The United States has lived this Wednesday, 14th of February, Valentine's day, the last nightmare of its unstoppable chain of massacre with firearms.

En la tranquila localidad de Parkland, a una hora en coche al noroeste de Miami, un exalumno expulsado por indisciplina ha abierto fuego en la escuela secundaria Stoneman Douglas dejando un reguero de sangre y espanto con al menos 17 muertos y 15 heridos, según ha informado la policía local.

In the tranquil town of Parkland, an hour ride from northeast of Miami, a former student who was expelled for indiscipline has opened fire in the secondary school Stoneman Douglas leaving trails of blood and terror with at least 17 dead and 15 wounded, the local police reported.

La masacre supera a la de Columbine donde hubo 15 muertos incluyendo a los dos tiradores adolescentes, estudiantes del centro.

The massacre overcame the one of Columbine where there were 15 dead including two adolescent shooters, students of the center.

Las balas empezaron a resonar pasadas las dos de la tarde hora local. Alrededor de hora y media después, el sheriff del condado de Broward, donde se encuentra Parkland, comunicaba que el tirador había sido detenido y trasladado en ambulancia a un hospital.

The bullets started to echo two o'clock past in the local afternoon. Around an hour and half before, the sheriff of the Broward county, where Parkland is, informed that the shooter had been detained and transferred to a hospital on an ambulance.

Según la agencia Associated Press, el responsable de la masacre es el joven Nikolas Cruz, de 19 años y expulsado del Stoneman Douglas hace un año. El atacante disparó dentro y fuera del instituto -donde inició su matanza- con un rifle AR-15 e iba preparado con numerosos cargadores.

According to the agency Associated Press, the person who is responsible for the massacre is a young man called Nikolas Cruz, 19 year old and expelled from Stoneman Douglas a year ago. The attacker shot inside and outside of the institute -where he initiated his killing- with a AR-15 rifle and was preparing with numerous chargers.

Según el senador Bill Nelson, Cruz accionó la alarma de incendios y, tapado con una mascarilla, fue lanzando bombas de humo y acribillando a la gente que se iba encontrado en medio de la neblina que provocó.

According to Senator Bill Nelson, Cruz activated the firealarm and, covered with a mask, was throwing smoke bombs and bombarding people who were in midst of the mist that he provoked.

El asesino mató a 12 personas dentro de la escuela, a dos en el recinto exterior y a una en una calle cercana. Otras dos fallecieron en el hospital. Cruz, un joven descrito como solitario y obsesionado con las armas de fuego y los cuchillos, fue arrestado en el exterior del centro, a unos cientos de metros.

The murderer killed 12 people inside the school, 2 on the grounds outsider and one in the near street. Other two died in the hospital. Cruz, a young man described as solitary and obsessed with firearms and knives, was arrested outside the center, a few hundred meters away.

Medios locales indican que el exalumno expulsado había despertado temores en el instituto por sus amenazas a otros estudiantes -hasta el punto de que se le habría prohibido entrar en el centro con mochila-. 

Local media indicated that the expelled former student had awaken fears in the institute for his threats to other students -to the point where he would have been banned from entering the center with a backpack.

Ahora acudía a otro instituto de Broward. Imágenes del arresto lo muestran vestido con una camiseta roja, pantalones y botas negras, siendo inmovilizado en la calle por agentes de policía.

Now he went to another institute of Broward. Images of the arrest show him wearing a red shirt, trousers and black boots, being immobilized in the streets by police agents.

Según testimonios de alumnos y de un profesor del centro recogidos por medios locales, Nikolas Cruz había sido expedientado varias veces por su comportamiento problemático. Aunque en el aula era callado y respetuoso, en la vida social de la escuela era visto como un muchacho marginado que presumía de tener armas.

According to testimonies by students and teachers of the center collected by local media, Nikolas Cruz had been reprimanded various times for his problematic behavior. Although the class was silent and respectful, in the social life of the school he was seen as an outcast boy who boasted of having weapons.

Entre los estudiantes se comentaba que si algún día había un tirador en la Stoneman Douglas, ese sería Nikolas Cruz. "Muchos lo habían dicho", comentó a una radio un estudiante que prefiró no dar su nombre. "Todo el mundo lo había previsto".

 Among the students it was said that if one day there was a shooter in the Stoneman Douglas, it would be Nikolas Cruz. "many had said it", a student who did not wish to give his/her name commented to a radio. "Everybody had foreseen it".

Cuando empezó el tiroteo la escuela estaba cerca de terminar su jornada académica. El instituto Stoneman Douglas tiene alrededor de 3200 alumnos. Es uno de las más concurridos del condado de Broward, una zona urbana acomodada del área horrible para nosotros", ha dicho el director de escuelas del condado, Robert Runcie.

When the shooting began the school was close to finishing its academic day. The institude Stoneman Douglas has around 3200 students. It is one of the biggest in the Broward county, a wealthy urban area that is horrible for us", the director of schools of the county Robert Runcie has said.

Inmediatamente después del tiroteo la escuela activó su código rojo de emergencia y multitud de agentes locales y federales llegaron al lugar. La persecución al tirador duró más de una hora. Las autoridades establecieron un perímetro de seguridad e impidieron que los familiares de los estudiantes se acercaran al área de riesgo, sobrevolada por helicópteros.

Immediately after the shooting, the school activated its red emergency code and multitude of local and federal agents arrived to the place. The pursuit of the shooter  lasted more than an hour. The authorities established a perimeter of security and prevented the families of the students from getting close to the dangerous area, which the helicopter flew over.

En las imágenes de la televisión local, decenas de estudiantes salían del instituto con las manos en alto y en fila, escoltados por agentes armados con armas semiautomáticas y chalecos antibalas. Un número indeterminado de alumnos y profesores se quedaron atrapados en el interior de la escuela y recibieron órdenes de la policía de atrincherarse donde estuvieran, encerrados en las aulas y guarecidos bajo pupitres, hasta que llegasen agentes a auxiliarlos. 

In the images of the local television, dozens of students were leaving the institute with their hands up in a row, escorted by officials armed with semiautomatic weapons and bulletproof vests. An indefinite number of students and teachers were trapped inside the school and received orders from the police to fortify themselves where they were, locked in the classrooms and protected under the desks, until officials came to help them. 

Grabaciones del interior del centro difundidas por redes sociales muestran escenas de pánico y gritos en medio del sonido explosivo de las ráfagas de disparos de alto calibre y una computadora solitaria, sobre una mesa de estudio, atravesada por proyectiles.

Recordings of the inside of the center that were spread on social media showed scenes of panic and screams in the middle of explosive sound from the blast of shots from the caliber and a computer, on a table, pierced by projectiles. 

En un vídeo al que ha accedido el Miami Herald se ve un cuerpo tendido en medio de un charco de sangre y alumnos saliendo de la habitación llorando y diciendo: "dios mío, dios mío", con los policías tratando de calmarlos y sacarlos afuera lo antes posible: "vamos, vamos, vamos".

In a video which the Miami Heraldo has accessed, you see a body lying in middle of a pool of blood and students leaving the room crying and saying "oh my god, my god", with police trying to calm them and make them go outside as soon as possible: "come on, come on, come on".

Este miércoles por la noche los autoridades no habían publicado las identidades de las víctimas mortales y todavía trataban de confirmar las de cinco de ellas.

This Wednesday at night the authorities had not published the identities of the dead victims and was still trying to confirm five of the girls.

El presidente Donald Trump reaccionó en Twitter expresando sus condolencias y añadiendo: "Ningún niño ni profesor ni nadie más debería sentirse inseguro en una escuela estadounidense." Según registros del FBI, desde la masacre en Columbine en 1999 hasta 2016 se había producido medio centenar de atentados o intentados de atentado con arma de fuego en escuelas de EEUU que dejaron 14 muertos. Incluyendo el tiroteo en Parkland, en el primer mes y medio de este año se hann registrado 18 incidentes con armas de fuego en centros de enseñanaza.

The president Donald Trump reacted on twitter, expressing his condolences and adding: "no child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school." According to records from FBI, since the massacre in Columbine in 1999 until 2016, there had been half a hundred attacks or attempted attacks with firearms in schools in the US qhich left 141 dead. Including the shooting in Parkland, in the first month and middle of this year there have been 18 recorded incidents with firearms in the education centers.

El 6 de enero de 2017, hace poco más de un año, un tirador, Esteban Santiago Ruiz, mató a cinco personas y hirió otras seis en el aeropuerto de la ciudad de Fort Lauderdale, a menos de una hora en coche de la secundaria Stoneman Douglas.

In January 6th, 2017, just over a year ago, a shooter, Esteban Santiago Ruiz, killed five people and wounded six others in the airport in the city of Fort Lauderdale, at least an hour away on car from Stoneman Douglas.


Aunque este incidente es muy trágico, me encuentro pensado este es normal porque sucede tan a menudo. Ya ha habido 18 tiroteos en este año en Estados Unidos. Cuántos tiroteos antes la gente de EEUU se da cuenta de la necessidad del control de armas? Cuántos niños muertos? Pero sé que el control de armas es difícil porque NRA tiene una tremenda influencia sobre la política. Muchos dicen que el problema es las enfermedades de mental. Creo que el problema es acceso facíl a armas de fuego. 



tiroteo: shooting, tirador: shooter
exalumno: former student
humo: smoke
fusil: rifle
bala: bullet
cadena: chain
pesadilla: nightmare
reguero: trail
sangre: blood
espanto: terror
heridos: wounded
matanza: killing
neblina: mist
amenaza: threat
temore: fear
alumnos: students
aula: classroom
comportamiento: behavior
riesgo: risk
chaleco antibala: bulletproof vest
grabacion: recording
sonido: sound
atentado: attack


disparar: to shoot
expulsar: to expel
lanzar: to throw
dejar: to leave
superar: to overcome
accionar: to activate
acribillar: to riddle, to bombard
acercar: to move closer
acceder: to access
atravesar: to cross
añadir: to add
matar: to kill
fallecer: to die
acudir: to come
presumir: to boast
prever: to foresee
durar: to last
difundir: to spread/to broadcast
establecer: to establish
impedir: to prevent
sobrevolar: to fly over
registrar: to record
herir: to wound
tratar: to try to


ultima: last
imparable: unstoppable
alrededor de: around
atacante: aggressive
acomodado: wealthy
tapado: covered
callado: silent
respetuoso: respectful
marginado: marginalized
concurrido: crowded


lo antes posible: as soon as possible
alguien/nadie más: anyone else
darse cuenta de: to realize