América, armada.


America, armed.

Estados Unidos concentra casi la mitad de las armas civiles del mundo. El miercoles un chico de 19 anos fue a su antiguo instituto y asesino a 17 personas. Fue la enesima matanza. Propietarios explican a EL PAIS por que quieren seguir llevando sus rifles y pistolas.

The United States has almost a half of civil arms of the world. On Wednesday, a 19 years old boy went to his former school and assassinated 17 people. It was a umpteenth killing. Owners explain to el Pais why they want to continue carrying rifles and pistols.

Scott Porter tuvo su primera escopeta a los 13 años. Era del calibre 20, como la su hermano, Ross, su madre se la regaló por Navidad y con ella aprendió cazar en su pueblo de Michigan. La segunda llegó a los 18, calibre 22. Luego, cinco escopetas más. Con el paso del tiempo, 14 pistolas de distintos tipos. Y también cuatro- rifles de asalto, seis de caza, cuatro de aire comprimido, dos de pólvora negra y dos fusiles vintage militar que guarda con especial mimo. Es el arsenal que creó con Ross, fallecido hace dos años, lo guarda en su casa de Luisiana y suma hasta 42 armas. Entre ellas sigue la de aquella Nochebuena. Y cuando se le pregunta por qué rayos tiene tantas responde con simpleza: "solo es que me gustan, me encantan las armas, siempre he sido cazador". 

Scott Porter got his first shotgun a 13 years old. It was a calibre 20, like his brother, Ross, which his mother gave to him for Christmas and with her he learned to hunt in his city of Michigan. The second he got at 18 years old, calibre 22. Then, 5 more shotguns. As the time passed, 14 pistols of different types. And also 4 assault rifles, 6 for hunting, 4 of compressed air, two of black gunpowder and two vintage guns which he takes care of with special care. it is the arsenal who thought with Ross, who passed away two years ago, he guaded it in his house in Louisiana and added up to 42 armas. When he is asked why the hell he has so many guns, he responded simply: " it is just that i like them, i love guns, i have always hunted."

On wednesday a 19 years old problematic boy named Nikolas Cruz appeared at his old school in Florida with his rifle, fired more than 100 shots and took the life of 17 people, most of which were adolescents without a motive. Every time a killing occurs, Porter boils his blood because the debate about guns reappears, the question of how it is possible for US to not enforce gun control after so many tragedies. "I am very upset because the whole world believes that the blame is with guns, when the real blame should be put on those crazy people", lamented on the telephone. Porter is 57 years old, works as a technician and lives with his partner in Baton Rouge. "A lot of people say that I am a lunatic of guns since I have so many, but I have so many because they accumulated over the years."

The United States takes up less than 5% of the world's population, but possesses more than 40% of guns that are used among civilians on the planet. Without an official figure, we calculate that some 350 millions, more than the habitants of the country. According to Pew Research, three out of ten adults have at least one gun and other three are considering getting a gun in the future. 

There are many who thought that Sandy Hook was the tipping point of a love story between America and guns. Sandy Hook is a primary school in Newton, Connecticut where a young man named Adam Lanza entered and killed 20 children aged between 6 to 7, and 6 adults on 14th of December in 2012. The astonishment was widespread. Barack Obama cried in public. However, the sales of rifles and pistols multiplied during the months after the incident, for fear that, in effect, the tragedy would motivate the legislators to impose more restrictions. It didnt happen. The demands of the important part of society -six out of ten americans believe that rules should be stricter  - are slowed down in Congress.




cada vez que: every time
plantear: to suggest; to consider
ventas: sales
por miedo a que: for fear that