Hungría y porqué la gente votaron por Orbán

"Hungary is a small country. It does not fit the whole world".

The voters of Fidesz argue the stability and the economy. They are the supporters of nationalistic speech and against immigration, provided by Orban.

Reka Pleva has voted without a single doubt. She has voted for the party of Viktor Orban, a man who, according to her, has gotten rid of the crisis and guaranteed everyone's security. "We are much better than eight years ago and he has to continue going like this, stable",  an engineer of 45 years old stated. He explained that for his family, the policies of Orban and his Fidesz for the country have made a difference. His sister, unemployed, now works in maintenance thanks to the program of public employment of the administration. She has received about 170 euros per month for this job. Like her, more than 200,000 hungarians became part of this project (close to 4% of the labor force of Hungary).

For Pleva, mother of two daughters, what ended up convincing her was above all these measures. For her husband, Richard, it has been all about "defense of Hungary". "Hungary is almost the only country that does not allow the European Union to impose upon them what our country has to do", he said. This civil servant considers, like Orban and the government, that the immigration poses a threat to the country. "We are a small country, we cannot fit everyone in the world here, and we are talking about people who do not integrate", he said. In Hungary, only 1.5% of the population is foreign, and the majority of them come from EU. The pair participated in the referendum against refugees which the government of Fidesz organized in October of 2016. They voted against accepting refugees. The results did not achieve the minimum participation for it to be considered binding, but nevertheless Orban considered it to be an achievement and an accolade to his radical positions. Rea and Richard recognized that sooner or later Hungary needs to, as other European nations, foreign workers. "But they can come from Ukraine or from countries which have similar values as ours", he said. 

Tibor Biro, 74 years old, especially likes the character of the prime minister. "He talks without subterfuge", commented in the electoral college of the old centre of Budapest where he has voted, a couple of streets away from the house where he has lived all his life. He has voted for Fidesz for years. He is one of the two million loyal voters which the ultraconservative party has. Most of them live in areas that are more rural, where his economic measures and antiimigration speech have much more effect. Budapest, although less cosmopolitan than other European capitals, is more accustomed to foreigners and, above all, tourists. Orban has less support. Biro commented that he specially likes the idea of Fidesz, which is "Great Hungary". "We want a strong Hungary. He has protected many Hungarians who live abroad, for example", referring to the minorities who live in Romania and other places of the region and have received the right to vote thanks to the reforms realized by Orban. The ultraconservative has their votes as well.

On Wednesday, in Miskolc, where the previous elections Fidesz was imposed in a working area that had been left-wing for years, Timi confessed that he has returned to vote for the nationalistic candidate. Civil servant, divorced and mother of a 6 year old daughter, explained that for her stability is the most important. "To regional levels, maybe there are interesting cases, but the truth is that on a global level there is no other party than Fidesz. The rest are nothing", she said, observing her daughter happily riding a pink bicycle.

Alexandra, though in Budapest, emphasized that she had voted for Orban for stability. A young man of 25 years old, who prefers to remain anonymous, commented that supporting the prime minister had costed him a disgust among his group of friends, who prefer to vote for the socialists. "In my family we like things to remain as they are," he elaborated. 




Caber -to fit
Tiene un auto chiquito, sólo pueden caber dos personas.
Dudar -to doubt
Tienes que dudar antes de convertirte en creyente de verdad

Sacar -to remove, to take out
Ayudarme a sacar el mandado de la cajuela.

convencer -to convince
Estoy tratando de convencer a mi madre que me deje ir al concierto.
suponer -to suppose
Se supone que solo el capitán del equipo puede hablar con el árbitro.
asegurar -to assure
Ser democrático no parece importante para asegurar el éxito económico.
proceder -to come from
Nuestro abogado revisará el contrato antes de proceder.
lograr -to reach
Tienes que trabajar fuerte para lograr tus sueños.
reconocer -to recognize
Todo el mundo puede reconocer el sello de McDonald's.
remarcar -to emphasize
Quiero remarcar que la producción de este tipo de informe es un proceso complejo.

Partidario -supporter
Israel no quiere un mediador imparcial, sino un partidario incondicional. 
mantenimiento -maintenance
Estoy a cargo del servicio de mantenimiento.
fuerza -force
La fuerza de su argumento convenció a su jefe a darle un aumento de salario.
medida -measure
Cuando leen una nueva medida contra la pobreza, nuestros pobres esconden sus monederos. 
funcionario -civil servant
Si bien la corrupción es penetrante, ningún alto funcionario has ido precesado. 
amenaza -threat
El cambio climático plantea una amenaza seria paa las naciones insulares.
acogida -welcome, acceptance, reception
La enmiendas no han recibido una buena acogida en grandes sectores del Parlamento.
asilado -refugee
Los extranjeros en condición de asilado o refugiado están sujetos a los deberes impuestos por los tradados o convenios internacionales. 
logro -achievement
Ser aceptado por esa universidad fue un gran logro para mí.
espaldarazo -recognition
postura -position
Hizo su postura muy clara al comienzo del debate.

valore -value
Promover una sociedad que valore la iniciativa empresarial.
nivel -level
La recesion trajo un alto nivel de desempleo.


vinculante -binding

Es el ACTA un acuerdo vinculante o voluntario?

fieles -faithful, loyal
Fueron fieles hasta el final y murieron por ello.


Así -like this
Mi computadora tiene un virus, así que la tengo que reformatear. 
A pesar de todo -nevertheless
A pesar de todo, la industria es el eje de la economia europea.
sobre todo -above all
Todos podemos constatar el creciente interés en la region, sobre todo en esta asamblea. 
quizá -perhaps
Quiza podamos ir a la playa este fin de semana.