Seis meses para impedir el Brexit

7 months to prevent the Brexit


If the supporters of Brexit have their own way, on 30th of March of next year we will wake up in Great Britain that is no longer a member of the European union. The supporters of staying in EU only have seven months to avoid it. Because if, in its "significant voting" of this fall, the British parliament accepts the interim agreement that has been reached by the negotiators, there will be no going back.

The Brexit side knows this and has a strategy of Leninist clarity: do whatever takes to get to the point. Even the previous leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, has joined this line. The end justifies the means. No matter the concessions you have to make or unshakeable red lines you have to cross, it is about the country passing through the exit door. Then you will see.

The adversaries of Brexit, on the contrary, have 10 different strategies, that is to say, none. if we dont get ourselves straight, we will be defeated in the middle of a fog of confusion and deceit.

This defeat was probably like this: in one way or another, the negotiators from the UK and EU will find a formula this fall. Some differences apparently insolvable, such as the relations with the Irish border, are softened by a mixture of concessions, complexity, and verbal ambiguity.  

Our European partners will approve this, at last, early hours of the morning, in an European council which is scheduled on 18 and 19 of October, because one, it fits perfectly in the culture of European agreements, two, because they want to remove this matter as soon as possible in order to concentrate on all the other problems and three, because they know that once Britain is legally outside the union, its negotiating capacity will be even weaker than it is today. 

The government of Theresa May, with its internal divisions, accepts this botched agreement because its work consists on "realizing the Brexit" and because it knows that the Conservative party could lose votes if they dont do it. The majority of the conservative deputies vote in favor because they fear they will be overtaken by the labor party led by Jeremy Breznev. 




  • Impedir -to prevent
  • Evitar -to avoid
  • Culminar -to culminate, to finish
  • Alcanzar -to reach
  • Aclarar -to clarify, to make clear (aclararse:to get oneself straight)
    Si no nos aclaramos, caeremos derrotados en medio de una niebla de confusión y engaño.
  • Sumar -to add, to join
    Hasta el antiguo líder de UKIP, Nigel Farage, se ha sumado a ese línea.
  • Derrotar -to defeat
  • Suavizar -to soften
  • Aprobar -to approve


  • Inquebrantable -unshakeable
    Mis abuelos tenían una fe inquebrantable.
  • Débil -weak


  • Engaño -deceit, trick
    La empresa reccurió al engaño para justificar el despido de empleados.
  • Frontera -border
  • Mezcla -mixture


  • Salirse con la suya -to have his/her own way
    Pedro es muy insistente y siempre se las arregla para salirse con la suya.
  • Todo lo que -everything that
    Hacer todo lo que sea necesario para llegar a ese punto.
  • No importa -no matter
    No importa cuántas veces repase el guión, siempre me olvido de mis líneas.
  • De una forma u otra -in one way or another