EU and its allies

EU and its allies launch a diplomatic offense after attack on Syria

Washington's strategy seeks to weaken the support of Russia and to corner Asad's regime even more by using chemical weapon. 

After the military hit, the diplomat arrives. The United States and its allies have proposed to launch an offense this week in the international organization for cornering Syria and its sponsor, Russia. In the arranged move, Washington, London and Paris want to strengthen the conversations of depressing process of Geneva, broaden sanctions and open an invesstigation of big scale about the use and storage of chemical weapons by Asad regime. The Council of Security of UN, Brussels and the Arab League are the enclaves from which they will try to activate this new front.

The allies know very little of victory. The surgical attack launched on Saturday on Syrian people in reprisal for the use of chemical weapons in Duma has given new vigor to an exhausted road. In the last months, Russia has done thoroughly to protect its Syrian protege. It has prevented the renovation of mechanism created by UN to investigate the use of gas by the Asad regime three times. Russia offers an alternative, which is to conduct an investigation by an independent organization. The problem, according to western diplomats source, is that the Russian proposal merely requires the investigation to be concluded once they know if Syria used chemical weapons or not, and prevents establishing whose responsibility the attack was. (Which is obviously Syria). Just the elment that Western leaders want to clarify. 

For United States, it is beyond doubt that it is Syria's responsibility. In the documents distributed by White House during the operation on Saturday, they establish that the Asad regime has launched chemical weapon 30 times against civil population in last year. The last attack was precisely on April 7, on the local rebels in Duma, just outside Damascus. In this attack, which has triggered the allies' military intervention, the troops of Asad regime used "chlorine gas and other nerve agents"presumably sarin, according to Washington.This resulted in at least 40 people dead and hundreds of wounded.

The United States say they counted with information from the intelligence, stories provided by victims and doctors, as well as photos they showed. In the Northamerican media, in addition, it has leaked that the Pentagon has blood samples of the affected that reveals the use of prohibited agents. 

Under these circumstances, White House now wants to give another step in its strategy. One of the chosen forums is the Council of Security of United Nations. There they will disuss this Monday a proposal of the allies for Syria to eliminate their chemical weapons, a promise that Syria and Russia carried out in 2013 when Uninated Nations was planning an attack 



Lanzar -to throw, to launch
Buscar -to seek to, to look for
Debilitar -to weaken
Arrinconar a -to leave out in the cold, to corner
Fortalecer -to strengthen
Ampliar -to increase, to strengthen, to enlarge
Concertar -to set up, to arrange
Pretender -to intend
Bloquear -to block, to obstruct
Exigir -to require
Aclare -to clarify
Filtrar -to leak 
Disponer -to have
Efectuarse -to carry out
Planear -to plan
Desplazar -to displace
Afianzar -to consolidate
Doblegar -to vanquish
Regresar -to return


Apoyo -support
Golpe -hit, bombing, 
Padrino -sponsor
Almacenamiento -storage
Brío -vigor
Fuente -source
Detonante -trigger
Heridos -wounded ppl
Muestra -sample
Castigo -punishment
Éxito -success
Salida -exit

Paso -step


Alicaído -depressing
Agotado -exhausted


Tras -after
Así como -as well as